Rabbi/Pastor Mordechai, has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology
and specialized in Biblical Messianic Judaism. He is a Jew descended
from the Tribe of Levi, from the House of Aaron, the House of
the priesthood. His parents immigrated from Russia and Poland
to Bolivia, where he was born.

Later, as a child he moved to Argentina where he was raised. In
1972, being a Jewish atheist, he immigrated to Israel and lived
there for a couple of years. From there he moved
to Brazil and became a businessman.

He came to know Yeshua after having his life almost totally
destroyed by Voodoo Rites which he practiced for two years.
As a Jew he was raised with a strong rejection of Jesus, therefore he had a
powerful experience with Yeshua at the time of his conversion. Because
of his experience with Yeshua in 1987 and his ordainment
to the ministry in February of 1990, from 1996 on, he left his
business to answer God’s call and totally dedicated himself to God’s
service. In September of 1998, he moved to Israel to preach
the Gospel to his own People. He has also visited, England,
Portugal, Spain, Mexico. Colombia, USA, Argentina, Paraguay,
and Brazil teaching about the Hebrew Roots of the Faith, and
also about the restoration of the 12 tribes of Israel

In 2005 Pastor Mordechai moved to Denver , CO, USA to preach
the Gospel to Sephardic Spanish people descended from the Inquisition.
He was there for almost three years and initiated a Spanish
speaking congregation which reached nearly 100 members in
two years. In 2007 he moved to Brazil and in September 2011 he
moved to Ottawa, Ontario in Canada answering the
call to preach the news of Salvation first to the lost sheep of Israel
and to introduce the vision of the Restoration of the twelve
Tribes of Israel and the restoration of the Hebrew roots of the
Faith between the body of the messiah. Pastor Mordechai is now back in Denver  CO, USA where he is preaching the Gospel to Jews and Gentiles as a New Men in a multilingual format, Hebrew, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Pastor Mordechai was called to serve the sheep of the Lord instead of being served. He, also, is currently collaborating in the transition process
to the Hebrew roots of the faith of  some Christian Churches

Rabbi Mordechai also teaches through video conferences from Denver
a large number of followers from different countries who are interested
in the Hebrew roots of the Faith.

Rabbi Mordechai founded Beth Teshuva Messianic Seminary to equip the body of the Messiah, for returning to the ancient paths of the Christian faith.


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